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Cas @2024-04-15 16:48:11 UTC
It's been really fun to try the Torino on this track. It goes great with it. I wanted to make a NoRH replay, but it's difficult to not lose a lot of speed at the chicane just after the hill jump on the first try. I'll keep trying
KyLiE @2024-04-04 09:22:14 UTC
@Igor, ha ha! No, if that was the case, wouldn't it be "SS Crewman" anyway?
Igor @2024-04-04 08:30:25 UTC
Hmm @KyLiE, "SS" on the terrain. I wonder, does it stand for "Stunts Source Code" or "SS Commodore"?

New race started! - Stunts Source Code

Alan Rotoi @2024-03-29 16:48:30 UTC
Congrats guys! Somebody could make a video tutorial for Speedgate. It needs special knowledge since it is different to an ordinary car. Who knows exactly how this car works? The same video could include the Pontiac Firebird which also is special.
Spoonboy @2024-03-29 11:54:37 UTC
Congratulations to @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi - and thanks to @Cas for a great track! Really enjoyed this layout and have been driving it for fun with other cars. And the Speedgate's 'Hairdryer Mode' is a unique and fun challenge! Still very drivable at super speed, with skill and practice needed to get a good result. Brilliant race!
Duplode @2024-03-29 02:43:33 UTC
Thanks! It's been nice to finally find a new appreciation for the wildness of the Speedgate.
Erik Barros @2024-03-28 18:47:27 UTC
Congratulations @Duplode, @Spoonboy and @Alan Rotoi!! And thank you @Cas and @KyLiE for your commitment to maintaining the competition.
Cas @2024-03-28 18:43:03 UTC
Cas @2024-03-28 18:37:45 UTC
All replays verified! Unbelievable! @Duplode's winning replay here is extreme! Congratulations! Also, congratulations @Spoonboy and @Alan Rotoi for the podium. It's been an amazing race
Cas @2024-03-28 17:41:01 UTC
This time it got super late for me to close the race! 🙈 I've just finished today's work. I'm going to pick up my lunch and be right back to verify replays

Race is over!

Cas @2024-03-23 17:57:12 UTC
Two replays verified!
Duplode @2024-03-23 17:14:49 UTC
Okay, mission accomplished! Those were some tough 2.80s!
Duplode @2024-03-16 02:31:15 UTC
This is a "Tame Speedgate" NoRH lap. I'm aiming at a "Wild Speedgate" NoRH lap, but that will require quite a bit of practice!
Spoonboy @2024-03-09 09:29:59 UTC
I'm enjoying this track! - The FOWOOT rule is an interesting challenge that opens up a few fun possibilities here.
Cas @2024-03-09 00:20:47 UTC
I've verified your replay, @Spoonboy, and I posted one of my own. I've realised this is a harder track than I thought when I was making it and testing it.

New race started! - Pistaccio

Cas @2024-02-29 14:39:41 UTC
Congratulations, guys! For the coming race, we have a free-OWOOT one. I've had this one pending for a few days and was about to forget to upload it before @KyLiE reminded me! Remember, it's still always on or over the track, but some tricks are allowed.
KyLiE @2024-02-27 12:40:10 UTC
Congratulations to @Duplode, @Alan Rotoi and @Erik Barros! Also, benvenuto su Race For Kicks @Marco!
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