Racing Challenge

Title: Winter
Author: Igor
Cars allowed: Ferrari GTO
Style: OWOOT
Started: 2024-07-01
Deadline: 2024-07-25 23:59 UTC
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Igor @2024-07-19 06:10:30 UTC
Yes a chilly winter here also. I'm looking forward to summer!
Duplode @2024-07-08 14:09:36 UTC
Australia, Argentina, Southern Hemisphere winter! Oh, and it's always good to be able to race with the GTO! ❤️
Cas @2024-07-04 23:57:34 UTC
It's a chilly winter here and I've posted my first replay

1   Alan Rotoi 2:41.50Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2024-07-08
2   Spoonboy 2:43.00Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2024-07-17
3   Duplode 2:49.65Ferrari GTOOWOOT/NoRH2024-07-08
4   Cas 3:02.45Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2024-07-04
5   Igor 3:03.90Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2024-07-14
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