Racing Challenge

Title: FWD Vs RWD
Author: KyLiE
Created: 2024-5-30
Cars allowed: Toyota Corolla GTi, Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Style: OWOOT
Started: 2024-06-01
Deadline: 2024-06-25 23:59 UTC
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KyLiE @2024-06-17 23:50:07 UTC
@Alan Rotoi, nope, this is the first race with the Corolla at Race For Kicks. Like @Duplode said, I'm pretty sure this is the first race ever! Also, welcome @Mortimer McMire and @Mister PC!
Alan Rotoi @2024-06-17 20:28:20 UTC
I think there was a Corolla race a couple of years ago here.
Duplode @2024-06-16 14:21:51 UTC
While the Trueno has been featured in ZakStunts and elsewhere, I'm quite sure this is the first ever race with the Corolla! And speaking of debuts: Welcome to R4K, @Mortimer McMire and @Mister PC!
Cas @2024-06-03 00:46:56 UTC
Posted and verified replays!
Alan Rotoi @2024-06-02 15:38:57 UTC
I love these two cars. Zapper is the best car builder.

1   Spoonboy 1:44.60Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/RH2024-06-03
2   Erik Barros 1:45.45Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/RH2024-06-08
3   Alan Rotoi 1:46.30Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/RH2024-06-02
4   Duplode 1:46.35Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/NoRH2024-06-16
   Duplode 1:47.50Toyota Sprinter TruenoOWOOT/NoRH2024-06-16
5   Mortimer McMire 1:50.85Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/RH2024-06-04
6   Mister PC 1:52.95Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/RH2024-06-05
7   Cas 1:53.25Toyota Sprinter TruenoOWOOT/RH2024-06-04
8   Igor 1:56.60Toyota Sprinter TruenoOWOOT/RH2024-06-04
   Cas 1:56.85Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/NoRH2024-06-03
   Igor 1:59.20Toyota Corolla GTiOWOOT/NoRH2024-06-04
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