Racing Challenge

Title: Stunts Source Code
Author: KyLiE
Created: 2024-3-30
Cars allowed: IKA Torino GS
Style: OWOOT
Started: 2024-04-01
Deadline: 2024-04-25 23:59 UTC
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Cas @2024-04-15 16:48:11 UTC
It's been really fun to try the Torino on this track. It goes great with it. I wanted to make a NoRH replay, but it's difficult to not lose a lot of speed at the chicane just after the hill jump on the first try. I'll keep trying
KyLiE @2024-04-04 09:22:14 UTC
@Igor, ha ha! No, if that was the case, wouldn't it be "SS Crewman" anyway?
Igor @2024-04-04 08:30:25 UTC
Hmm @KyLiE, "SS" on the terrain. I wonder, does it stand for "Stunts Source Code" or "SS Commodore"?

1   Alan Rotoi 1:24.25IKA Torino GSOWOOT/RH2024-04-03
2   Spoonboy 1:25.85IKA Torino GSOWOOT/RH2024-04-02
3   Cas 1:29.05IKA Torino GSOWOOT/RH2024-04-15
4   Igor 1:31.50IKA Torino GSOWOOT/RH2024-04-04
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