Racing Challenge

Title: Rivendel
Author: Alan Rotoi
Cars allowed: Baronetti A-70
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2024-02-01 - 2024-02-26
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Cas @2024-02-29 14:39:41 UTC
Congratulations, guys! For the coming race, we have a free-OWOOT one. I've had this one pending for a few days and was about to forget to upload it before @KyLiE reminded me! Remember, it's still always on or over the track, but some tricks are allowed.
KyLiE @2024-02-27 12:40:10 UTC
Congratulations to @Duplode, @Alan Rotoi and @Erik Barros! Also, benvenuto su Race For Kicks @Marco!
Alan Rotoi @2024-02-25 23:33:42 UTC
Tried some GAR laps but couldn't, ha ha!
Duplode @2024-02-24 17:28:16 UTC
Update: Rectified
Duplode @2024-02-24 17:10:25 UTC
Welcome to R4K, @Marco! My earlier replay was GAR too, except, that is, for the glaring mistake at 46.50 That'll be rectified — not right now, as the replay I've just posted is a RH one, but soon
Marco @2024-02-24 14:37:38 UTC
Thank you my friends. The NoRH lap time done by Alan was a perfect GAR lap, so I did the same. There's a live video on my channel "Marco Plays DOS Games" where I tried the car and track. I have run 1:39.90 in GAR mode, but it is possible to be improved to 1:38 for sure.
Cas @2024-02-23 21:23:58 UTC
@Duplode, please verify your most recent replay. There's an off-road moment just before the boulevard.
Cas @2024-02-23 21:13:23 UTC
Hey, @Marco! Great to see you here! Indeed, we have races/challenges and a permanent track competition. Each race or challenge has a single rule set that can vary from one to the next, but is usually strict OWOOT (yet not GAR). But the permanent tracks can be raced with any rule set you prefer and your replay will be reviewed for the rule set of your choice!
Marco @2024-02-23 15:23:02 UTC
Here I am. Cannot miss a race with the Anelio tribute car. I will run GAR/NoRH. Thanking you so much to have added my rules here! Never seen before. I reached this site thanks to @Alan Rotoi's comment on ZakStunts.
Duplode @2024-02-12 23:42:10 UTC
Here goes my first lap! \o/
Erik Barros @2024-02-04 23:51:02 UTC
I'm happy to be able to race on a classic track, with an important history for the community. Long live the memory of AbuRaf70!!
Cas @2024-02-02 22:48:55 UTC
Now re-established your link
Cas @2024-02-02 22:38:53 UTC
Now you can do it just that way. It'll be replaced only if it is written separately from any previous text. So between quotes, it won't be replaced either.
Alan Rotoi @2024-02-02 22:36:00 UTC
Thanks! How do you write "Stunts" in a URL without the image replacement?
Cas @2024-02-02 22:34:45 UTC
All replays verified so far!
Cas @2024-02-02 22:18:19 UTC
is a great game. We all like . Race For Kicks, ZakStunts and the CCC are tournaments. This is a string replacement test, ha ha!
Alan Rotoi @2024-02-01 18:30:37 UTC
Rivendel is the debut track of AbuRaf70 as a professional racer. It ran in July 2004, with the start of the second season of 4dsL. It also has the record for the most raced track in competitions: 71 racers (taking out Skid Vicious' lap).
Spoonboy @2024-02-01 00:01:39 UTC
Anelio's new wheels will give us a special race - Good luck everyone!

1   Duplode 1:27.80Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-25
2   Alan Rotoi 1:29.20Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-11
   Duplode 1:33.70Baronetti A-70OWOOT/NoRH2024-02-25
3   Erik Barros 1:36.10Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-04
4   Spoonboy 1:36.85Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-21
5   Cas 1:37.40Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-24
6   Marco 1:39.90Baronetti A-70OWOOT/NoRH2024-02-24
7   Igor 1:42.15Baronetti A-70OWOOT/RH2024-02-24
   Alan Rotoi 1:42.20Baronetti A-70OWOOT/NoRH2024-02-01
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