Racing Challenge

Title: Westwood
Author: Kevin Pickell
Cars allowed: Xylocaine XF
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-05-01 - 2023-05-26
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Cas @2023-05-27 16:50:47 UTC
Congratulations, guys! It was a great race!
KyLiE @2023-05-27 05:45:13 UTC
All replays have been made public. Congratulations to @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi!
Duplode @2023-05-25 23:36:13 UTC
There was a little time left after all
Duplode @2023-05-25 22:51:58 UTC
Where has this month gone?! I intended to also do a RH lap this time, to learn a bit more about the Xylocaine, but it looks like there won't be enough time for that...
Alan Rotoi @2023-05-19 02:48:22 UTC
Wow, now I know those are very good NoRH times!
KyLiE @2023-05-14 07:24:33 UTC
Happy birthday @Igor!
Cas @2023-05-08 15:29:29 UTC
Posted a first try!
sebastianali @2023-05-08 01:14:58 UTC
Well, it isn't a better time but at least I did it in one go
sebastianali @2023-05-07 16:04:35 UTC
Es nueva?
sebastianali @2023-05-07 16:03:47 UTC
Gracias @Alan Rotoi! - Ahora le doy un vistazo P.S. This is Spanish too.
Alan Rotoi @2023-05-06 23:34:54 UTC
Ah! No se puede usar RH porque deshabilitaron la opcion del juego que te permite continuar un replay. (sorry for the Spanish )
Alan Rotoi @2023-05-06 23:33:18 UTC
Che, @sebastianali quizá te interese la nueva competición que arrancó en https://ntt.mystunts.net. No se puede usar Replay Handling asi que es correr, correr y rezar para no irte al pasto o chocar.
Duplode @2023-05-01 15:16:45 UTC
Great choice of retro track! Now it's time to figure out the proper braking points for the Xylocaine

1   Duplode 1:37.55Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-25
2   KyLiE 1:38.50Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-25
3   Alan Rotoi 1:39.65Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-19
   Duplode 1:41.65Xylocaine XFOWOOT/NoRH2023-05-25
   KyLiE 1:44.05Xylocaine XFOWOOT/NoRH2023-05-08
4   Cas 1:47.15Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-08
5   Erik Barros 1:48.20Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-24
6   sebastianali 1:49.35Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-04
   sebastianali 1:49.45Xylocaine XFOWOOT/NoRH2023-05-08
7   Igor 1:52.25Xylocaine XFOWOOT/RH2023-05-01
   Cas 1:55.00Xylocaine XFOWOOT/NoRH2023-05-08
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