Racing Challenge

Title: Hurricane jockeys
Author: Cas
Created: 2023-2-27
Cars allowed: Lola Cosworth Indy
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-03-01 - 2023-03-26
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Cas @2023-03-26 17:20:10 UTC
Congrats, guys! I think I could've improved my lap if I had more time this month, but I certainly wouldn't have been able to make it to the podium!
KyLiE @2023-03-26 05:34:07 UTC
Well done @Alan Rotoi and @Duplode! There were some impressive laps without replay handling in the final hour!
Duplode @2023-03-25 23:53:13 UTC
Okay, that will do for tonight. Very enjoyable track once you get the hang of it.
Duplode @2023-03-25 23:28:51 UTC
And a second NoRH lap... not without a big scare!
Duplode @2023-03-25 21:28:26 UTC
Let's try a bit of RH for a change
Alan Rotoi @2023-03-23 17:51:29 UTC
Another lap before the deadline!
Duplode @2023-03-07 23:12:09 UTC
Reconnaissance lap — that took quite a few attempts to pull off!
Cas @2023-03-02 21:21:51 UTC
Thanks! Just posted my first lap
Alan Rotoi @2023-03-02 02:36:23 UTC
Very enjoyable and fast track! Congrats @Cas!
Alan Rotoi @2023-03-02 02:36:02 UTC
Crash recovery... still RH.

1   KyLiE 1:13.25Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-25
2   Alan Rotoi 1:13.35Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-23
3   Duplode 1:14.00Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-25
   Duplode 1:16.85Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/NoRH2023-03-25
   KyLiE 1:17.70Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/NoRH2023-03-25
4   Erik Barros 1:18.35Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-05
5   Cas 1:19.35Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-02
6   sebastianali 1:20.35Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-07
7   Igor 1:21.65Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/RH2023-03-18
   sebastianali 1:23.95Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/NoRH2023-03-07
   Cas 1:29.75Lola Cosworth IndyOWOOT/NoRH2023-03-02
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