Racing Challenge

Title: Unicorn Rally
Author: KyLiE
Created: 2022-3-25
Cars allowed: Lancia Delta Integrale, Lancia Stratos
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2022-04-01 - 2022-04-26
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Ryoma @2022-04-28 05:17:15 UTC
OK I will try by myself to do it. I mean race by targeting the good lap time... It will not be easy.
KyLiE @2022-04-28 04:54:07 UTC
@Ryoma, technically that is possible, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so because it will cause issues when working with the scoreboard data in the future.
Ryoma @2022-04-28 04:14:24 UTC
Is it possible to add the real lap time for Fiorano with a dummy driver name? I mean Stig 1:35.00 Ferrari 456 GT OWOOT/NoRH for example?
Cas @2022-04-27 01:27:47 UTC
Alright... I decided to make the new emojis the default. You can change this in your profile if you prefer the browser based ones.
KyLiE @2022-04-26 06:24:42 UTC
@ZdnBurns, I've verified your replay for Fiorano Circuit and changed the style to OWOOT because it qualifies.
KyLiE @2022-04-26 06:05:13 UTC
Thank you @Alan Rotoi and @Cas! The short wheelbase of the Stratos makes it quite enjoyable to drive.
Ryoma @2022-04-26 03:54:32 UTC
Thanks. I don't know why but I was unable to redo this time... So to earn some 0.1 sec was impossible... For the Stratos, I made some changes because the tacho was strange near the redline and to have yellow wheels. I managed to change the dashboard lightly with a vertical wiper... But now I really don't want...
Cas @2022-04-26 01:17:36 UTC
And I found the first bug. I wasn't able to upload a track. I've fixed that now, although there are minor details I want to correct as well. To make sure no unexpected bugs come up at the start of the month, I've uploaded the next track early this time.
Cas @2022-04-26 00:59:53 UTC
All replays have been verified and published! Congratulations to KyLiE for another victory and very well done Duplode and Ryoma, completing the podium!
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-26 00:01:35 UTC
Congrats KyLiE! Congrats Stratos
KyLiE @2022-04-25 07:20:11 UTC
It's looking good for the Stratos!
Ryoma @2022-04-23 06:00:11 UTC
@Cas I want to report a little bug: I am not first in the current competition LOL
Cas @2022-04-23 02:56:43 UTC
The only thing that can be seen externally is that I've added Vancouver and Skid Marks to the classic track list, but behind the scenes, there's a lot going on. This is to get everything ready for a more visible update to the permanent competition section.
Cas @2022-04-23 02:53:55 UTC
I'm changing the way that the tracks are stored. I think I'm finished now, only this hasn't been thoroughly tested.
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-23 02:49:42 UTC
Oops, an update in progress... Are you housekeeping?
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-21 10:21:04 UTC
Thank you!
Cas @2022-04-20 23:03:54 UTC
Added internal emojis to the site! By default, they'll be used when you're logged in and the browser ones will when logged out You can change this in your profile Enjoy!
Cas @2022-04-19 17:02:40 UTC
@Alan Rotoi: For permanent tracks, you can use any set of rules. You just have to specify which ones you used and your replay will be validated accordingly. @KDC22: That message means you probably interrupted your replay before saving. Continue driving from near the end of it and drive until it stops, then save again. It should work
KDC22 @2022-04-18 07:33:28 UTC
Error: Replay ends abruptly. It appears to not reach the finish line ZCT249 DOSBox
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-17 22:15:49 UTC
I uploaded a replay for Skid Marks but I don't know what kind of OWOOTR variant it is. I think it fits all of them.
Cas @2022-04-17 13:52:49 UTC
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-17 09:17:25 UTC
Oh I have a mistake. The time I submitted as "RH" really was NoRH. Sorry. I only did NoRH laps.
Duplode @2022-04-16 00:46:42 UTC
@Alan Rotoi It wasn't necessary. (I did a slightly faster lap with such a rebound, but it turned out to be unlawful, as I cut the dirt chicane slightly too hard.)
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-16 00:19:06 UTC
1:13.90? I won't be more lucky than 1:14.25 with Delta. Did you get the "second bridge jump" or wasn't it necessary?
Duplode @2022-04-15 21:42:40 UTC
And another one to wrap up the session
Cas @2022-04-15 21:27:24 UTC
Oops! One more. Verified as well!
Cas @2022-04-15 21:24:59 UTC
Just verified the pending replays!!
Duplode @2022-04-15 20:37:17 UTC
Okay, time to get the chosen Lancias on track...
Ryoma @2022-04-12 17:22:58 UTC
@Duplode I will try....
Duplode @2022-04-09 15:55:31 UTC
@Ryoma I misread your message and tried it with the LC2... 52.80 GAR; an enjoyable challenge!
Ryoma @2022-04-06 04:54:14 UTC
Did someone try the ECVs (1 or 2) on this very nice track?
Ryoma @2022-04-05 17:46:38 UTC
1'15"40 with the Delta and a top speed of 203 MPH
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-05 17:05:01 UTC
1:15.15 for now with Stratos. There were a few tries (I crashed in the loop once, my god) the others I was out of the track.
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-05 16:39:11 UTC
Ha ha! I know you want your baby to win (very nice baby BTW!). I think Stratos will win because the only part of the track that Delta could be faster than Stratos is from the bridge until the end. It's only a few meters of track compared to the rest. I'll try after my late lunch
Ryoma @2022-04-05 16:13:27 UTC
Alan, the Stratos must win!!!!!!!
Cas @2022-04-04 23:09:10 UTC
@ZdnBurns - Your permanent competition track replays have some issues. The one for Lucid passes if submitted as Free-style. You can re-submit it as such and we can remove the old one. The one for Desert spark passes if submitted as Free OWOOT. You can do the same for this one. Both were submitted as Strict OWOOT. Hover over the error icons to see the details.
Cas @2022-04-04 22:56:26 UTC
All replays verified! By the way... is the Lancia Delta's left-front wheel more off-centre than the rest? Strange... I had never noticed this before.
Cas @2022-04-04 22:42:45 UTC
Wow! So many replays! Alright, I'll start reviewing now
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-03 18:31:47 UTC
OK now I'm satisfied It was like "it's getting down too early! I won't reach! Oh a jump and speedup" I left many Lancias under that bridge but not this last one
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-03 07:35:42 UTC
Oh right! There are many car names I don't know. Being specific, those who are numbers or letters. Sometimes they are not so smart giving names to the cars.
Ryoma @2022-04-03 04:45:53 UTC
Alan look on my MEGA the Lancia ECV 1 and 2....
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-03 02:45:22 UTC
The track looks like a big headed Monza 😁
Alan Rotoi @2022-04-03 02:43:19 UTC
What is ECV? I'll try it tomorrow. Lancia Delta is one of the best original cars and Stratos is a very fine car.
Ryoma @2022-04-02 16:07:17 UTC
Very nice track.... Imagine this one with the ECV!
Cas @2022-04-01 19:54:25 UTC
Just posted my first replay! This track gives a nice rally environment, as you do see the mountains and the ships while you're on the road!

1   KyLiE 1:12.40Lancia StratosOWOOT/RH2022-04-25
2   Duplode 1:12.70Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-25
   Duplode 1:13.15Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-25
   Duplode 1:13.40Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-25
   Duplode 1:13.80Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-25
   KyLiE 1:13.85Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-25
   Duplode 1:13.90Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
3   Ryoma 1:13.95Lancia StratosOWOOT/RH2022-04-05
   Duplode 1:13.95Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
4   Alan Rotoi 1:14.25Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Duplode 1:14.25Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
   Duplode 1:14.90Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
   Alan Rotoi 1:15.15Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-05
   Alan Rotoi 1:15.75Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Duplode 1:16.00Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
   Alan Rotoi 1:16.25Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Alan Rotoi 1:16.55Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Ryoma 1:16.80Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-02
   Alan Rotoi 1:17.00Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Alan Rotoi 1:17.80Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Duplode 1:18.10Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-15
5   ZdnBurns 1:18.30Lancia StratosOWOOT/RH2022-04-04
   Ryoma 1:18.60Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-02
6   dreadnaut 1:18.75Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-09
7   Cas 1:18.75Lancia StratosOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-10
8   afullo 1:18.75Lancia StratosOWOOT/RH2022-04-10
9   Igor 1:18.85Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
   Cas 1:19.75Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-01
   afullo 1:20.35Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/RH2022-04-10
   Igor 1:22.60Lancia Delta IntegraleOWOOT/NoRH2022-04-03
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