What is Bliss? - What is Stunts?

Bliss is a track editor for the 1990 cars game Stunts specially designed for use in tournaments and including a number of powerful tools. If you don't know Stunts and you love classic DOS games, you should definitely get it! Stunts was created by the Canadian company DSI and is also known as 4D Sports Driving. While old, this game offers incredible versatility and is still played today. If you're unaware of the online Stunts community, check the Stunts racing portal or the most popular tournament, ZakStunts, where you can participate in the races and also get the game (currently freeware).

More about Bliss track editor

Compared to the built-in track editor from Stunts, Bliss is a very powerful tool. It includes the ability to copy, cut and paste track blocks and transform them; it can perform a thorough track analysis; it is able to generate scenery automatically and it even has access to online tournament information. Explore the possibilities! :)

Bliss screenshot

Additionally, Bliss is free software. If you're not familiar with the concept, you're encouraged to read about it. Look up the GNU GPL license, the Free Software Foundation and Richard Stallman. Besides, it's been created on the principle of simplicity and independence. You can install Bliss by simply creating a new directory and copying it there. The source code is included for you to compile it, but you are not required to do so, most of the time, since binaries are also provided. No third party software has been used to develop Bliss and it only links to libraries that are almost certainly available on your operating system (such as X11 in GNU/Linux), so normally, you just copy the program and run it.

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