About the Project

CarWorks and Dash Manager are two tools developed by Cas with the aim of simplifying the process of car making for Stunts. They can be used separately or together and in conjunction with Stressed. The project was started in 2020 and is currently in an experimental phase.


This is the main tool in the project. It allows for importing and exporting both 3SH files (Stunts 3D shapes) and Wavefront OBJ models and can be used to produce a working shape with all its scales from a base model and to automatically generate paint jobs for it.

CarWorks is also capable of loading and editing car RES files changing the parameters as what they are instead of byte by byte as has been common before (using either Car Blaster or a hex editor). It includes a graphical representation of the torque curve that can be edited directly with the mouse pointer.

Dash Manager

This program is designed to automate the process of creating a dashboard by loading graphics either from other dashboards or from BMP files, graphically position them on the screen and configure the arcs of the steering wheel and the instruments, as well as the gear box placement and gear distributions.

It can load and modify both the VSH files of cars (which contain the dashboard graphics) and the parameters in the RES file that have an impact on the dashboard.


Both tools include the source code in FreeBasic and the binaries for GNU/Linux and Windows in addition to some data files.

Download CarWorks 0.1
Download Dash Manager 0.1
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