Racing Challenge

Title: 4:00am
Author: Cas
Created: 2006-2-28
Cars allowed: Speedgate XSD
Style: OWOOT
Started: 2021-04-01
Deadline: 2021-04-25 23:59 UTC
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dreadnaut @2021-04-11 19:29:39 UTC
Hello! 4am is always good fun 😊
Cas @2021-04-08 05:50:29 UTC
Thanks, @afullo! And @KyLiE, I've beaten your last lap, ha, ha. But I'm pretty certain you can leave me behind very quickly.
KyLiE @2021-04-07 14:20:32 UTC
Thanks for posting again @afullo. Your replay has been verified! 😊
KyLiE @2021-04-05 15:00:20 UTC
Here we go! The legendary 4:00am!
Cas @2021-04-04 17:55:20 UTC
Thanks, guys. I'm here with my first replay for this track!
Igor @2021-04-03 04:55:46 UTC
I quite like this track thanks Cas.
KyLiE @2021-04-02 12:45:35 UTC
@afullo, unfortunately your replay is invalid due to jumping over one of the slalom blocks. It's the early days of the race though, so there's plenty of time to post another replay! 😊
CTG @2021-04-02 08:49:44 UTC
This track is a monster.
Cas @2021-04-01 00:05:04 UTC
We have a new race and it's a classic! 4:00am was first in WSC in 2006, then in ZakStunts in 2015 and is now in R4K, only this time, the car is the Speedgate 😊 Have fun!

1Cas2:47.60Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2021-04-08
2KyLiE2:48.10Speedgate XSDOWOOT/NoRH2021-04-05
3dreadnaut2:51.65Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2021-04-11
4Cas2:54.30Speedgate XSDOWOOT/NoRH2021-04-08
5Igor2:57.55Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2021-04-03
6afullo3:00.20Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2021-04-06
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